Friday, June 1, 2012

A Month in Pictures

Hello Readers! Some of you have probably noticed that my posts have kind of tapered off over the past few weeks Well, hopefully you didn't notice, but I am sure you did. I know I did. I have been a very busy lady!

Wondering why have been MIA lately? Well, I have been out of town for the past four weekends! Between a work trip and weekend getaways, by the time I get back, I have just enough energy to get through the work week and if I'm lucky, get a blog post out. Where have I been going you may ask? Well, I've been to Dallas for work, San Francisco pretty much every weekend and then to round it all out, Monterey and San Luis Obispo. I'm pretty sure I single handily supported the San Francisco economy over the past month. Even though it's less than two hours away, every weekend in SF is a lot - but SO worth it. How can you not love the city by the bay?! I've been going to Giants games, concerts in city (if you don't know who Still Time is, check them out here. I have been listening to them since college and I know you'll love them as much as I do) and then one of my great friends from college came to the bay (all the way from Missouri!) for a conference and we were able to meet up for dinner and some city wandering. Five years is far too long to see a good friend. Don't you agree?

Then came Monterey and sunny San Luis. The captain and I took our friends Matt and Lauren on a trip to Central California. They only have a few months left before they move back home to England, so Memorial Day was the perfect weekend to squeeze in a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, show them around San Luis Obispo (the captain and I's old college stomping grounds!) and then take the infamous Highway One all the way back up. Yes, we did go through San Francisco. If anyone is counting, that is five, yes five times in a month. The trip was amazing (albeit I was a bit crabby from being tired from traveling so much the past month  - sorry Ryan!) and I could not have asked for better people to spend it with. I am really going to miss those two when they move back home. Guess that means I'll just have to go visit them in England. I also guess that means I better get a passport. I'll get one soon, promise!

Here are some photos from the past month's adventures!

Fog City Diner in SF!

Delicious dessert @ Ghiradelli in SF!

Rode the cable car for the first time EVER.

AMAZING brisket tacos in Fort Worth, TX.

Garlic fries are a must at AT&T Park.

Me at the park! My dad and I went all the way to the bay a few days before to meet Brandon Crawford, but because we were running late, we never met him. I was so sad that I made my dad buy me this shirt. Well, he offered - kind of. I also made him take me to the Jelly Belly factory. Belly flops cure Brandon Crawford heartaches.

Giants game with my BFF. Hello there Crawford!

The 2.5 hour wait in line for my Brian Wilson garden gnome was totally worth it.

biggest pancake EVER. This was from First Awakenings in Monterey. Fresh raspberries, coconut and granola right in the pancake. SO yum.


moon jellies!

bacon maple donut @ SLO Donuts.

elephant seals in San Simeon! SO BIG.

Highway 1 break - wine, cheese, salami, crackers and apples. Perfect snack with the perfect view!

Here is the captain. I didn't meant to get him in the photo, but this is a good one.

BEST BAKED POTATO. You can find this on the club level at AT&T park at a place called Long Taters. Strange name, but such yummy taters!

Last minute trip to SF for a night game with my sister!

Here's to a great month of travels and to more blog posts soon!


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