Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How To Make Cake Flour

Don't you hate when you go to your pantry to bake only to find out you don't have cake flour or didn't even know you really needed cake flour? Ya, that's the worst. Before you hop in the car and run to the store, stop. You don't have to! Seriously. You can make cake flour in your own kitchen and I bet you already have everything in your pantry to do so. Want to bet? Wanna? Wanna?!

Okay, I'll stop teasing. All you need to make cake flour is regular all-purpose flour and cornstarch. That's it! Did you think it would be that easy? I sure didn't. I don't know why I thought it would be so difficult and I don't know why I never thought to figure this out before. Silly me. No more buying extra expensive boxed cake flour anymore! Here's how you do it: for every cup of flour, remove two tablespoons of flour and then replace with two tablespoons of cornstarch. Then sift, sift and sift again. Do this at least three or four times to get it nice, light and fluffy. Ta da - you now have cake flour!

flour + cornstarch = cake flour!

sift and sift and sift

Now you never have to make an unnecessary late night trip to the store to buy cake flour again!

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