Thursday, February 7, 2013

Running - Take Two

Last fall I thought it would be a good goal to turn myself into a runner. I must have been crazy because when I first started, I really couldn't go that far without running out of breath or being so sore the next day I could barely sit down to go to the bathroom. Yes, the latter is embarrassing, but it's so true and awful when it happens. I know all of you know what I am talking about. Ouch! After months of pushing, sweating and almost giving up, I completed my first 5K on Thanksgiving with my sister and was feeling great! Running was getting easier every day and I was feeling strong. Really strong. Even better, the weight started flying off (in combination of using My Fitness Pal for tracking my daily food intake) and I was able to reach my first goal of losing 30 pounds. I still have 15 more or so to go, but so far so good. As long as it keeps coming off, I'll be a happy girl. 15 more pounds to go before my sister's wedding and then if I could go 25 more after that, I would be at my lowest weight ever. EVER. If I meet that goal, I will have lost over 150 pounds since I was my heaviest during college. That day may just make me cry. Happy tears of course. I'm warning you now.  For more on my running adventures, check out this post.

As I was feeling great and getting into the running rhythm, I slowly fell out of my groove with the holidays, the last month of intense GMAT studying, a cold and the more GMAT studying. The studying really took over my life and with work, I really had no time for running. I know that is a bad excuse. Okay a really bad excuse, but after working a nine hour day and studying until the wee hours of the night, I had no time for running. In all honesty, I barely had time to sleep and felt like a zombie for a good couple of months. If I did get a burst of energy and decide to go running, I would be so drained after that I just wouldn't want to study. Catch 22 if you ask me. Needless to say, running took a back burner for a little while. Now that my grad school application process is over and I am done with that evil GMAT studying, I have time for myself again! I am back to getting a full night of sleep, blogging and the best part, getting back into running!

I've had to take a couple of steps back in my program, but that's okay. Since I took a month and half off I did not expect to tie up my shoes and instantly run three miles like I used to. I wish I could, but I knew I wouldn't be able to. Come to find out, I did lose a bit of my mojo, but being able to run just over 1.75 miles in one shot with a month and a half off didn't seem too shabby. Yes, I am a little sore after the first week of getting back in to it, but I am determined to keep it up and get back to running those three miles - or more! Who wants to join me on my next 5K? The captain is in, are you?

On another note, I've decided that every couple of weeks I will share my top favorite tunes on my running playlist.  I figured if I shared what I was listening to that you may want to share what keeps you going during your workout too. I like a little bit of everything, but having tunes that really pump me up and keep me going are a must. It's always a bad run when you get a few good songs in a row and then some sad sappy song comes along and makes you want to stop. That's the worst. Here's what is keeping me running this week:

  1. Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  2. Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) -
  3. Prrrrum (Remix) - Cosculleula & Wisin y Yandel
  4. Breakin' a Sweat - Skrillex & The Doors
  5. Alligator Pie - Dave Matthews Band
  6. Banjo - Rascal Flatts
  7. Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence
  8. Let There Be Love - Christina Aguilera 

And when I really feel like giving up, this song always give me that burst of energy. I am not sure how. I am not sure why, but it just does. So it's always on my playlist: Let's Go (feat. Ne-Yo) - Calvin Harris. I think you should put it on yours too. Just trust me on this one. You'll be happy you did. 

Now, let's get running!

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