Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Craft Project Gone Wrong!

Hi all. As you may have noticed, I have been away from the blogging scene for a couple of weeks. Why you may ask? Well, I had a little thumb v. knife incident that sent me to the emergency room. Even better, I wasn't even cooking - I was crafting for holiday gifts. There was probably my first problem. Here's the story.

I was looking on Pinterest after Thanksgiving for crafty holiday ideas when I came across this idea to make a jewelry holder from old wine corks and picture frames.  Super cute idea, right? I thought so. So, after Thanksgiving, my sister and I went to Goodwill (they have 50% off the whole store the day after a holiday!) and I bought some old picture frames that would be perfect for this project. Then I cleaned the glass and wood and sprayed it with some spray paint ( I picked a hammered copper color). Since it wasn't too warm outside, I took awhile to dry - about a day. Then, I was ready to start placing the corks to fill it up. I filled up the whole thing, but realized there was one spot left where I needed half of a cork. So, I got out a long serrated bread knife and started slow. I got about half way when things turned red and bloody. The cork slipped and the knife took a good part of my thumb with it - the thumbprint part of my thumb. It was a good flap of thumb, but good thing it was still attached. I will spare you any more gross details. They will make you go "ewwww". At least that's what Ryan says.

Are you grossed out yet? Since my parents live not too far from me, I called them right away and they took me to the ER. Four hours and ten stitches later, I was good as new - well, kinda. It was really painful, but at least I didn't cut off my thumb.  Here are some pictures of the incident, but don't worry, no pictures of the wound itself. Promise!

after triage and waiting for them to bring me back to an ER bed for shots and stitches. My mom took this picture and that's when I realized my sweater had blood on it. Gross.

After all was said and done. Wrapped and protected so I would not bang it on anything. Eating the hamburger with with the other hand, not so easy. Holding a fork. Not easy. Washing hair. Not easy. Buttoning pants for work. Not easy.

Here is the finished craft project. See, pretty!

I didn't think I was going to finish the cork jewelry hangers in time for Christmas since doing things with one good hand isn't so easy, but I did. I made one for my mom and my sister - all made with a note on the back saying "made with love and blood". I thought it was cute.

Good news is that it has been ten days since my epic slice and dice and I am headed back to my doctor to get the stitches out this afternoon. I hope that it won't hurt. Ryan says it will just tickle, so I hope he is right. Once all the stitches are out I will take a picture so you can see my sexy scar. Ya, I said sexy.

Lesson of December - be very VERY careful with sharp knives!

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