Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sexy Scar

For those who want to see the super sexy scar, here you go. It's a little gross, but not that bad. It's not like I'm showing you the inside of my thumb. I already crossed that off my bucket list, so I don't think you want to cross it off yours!

My sister took lots of photos from the beginning stitch to the end. She even took a video of me being a big 'ol baby when I had the dressing removed and stitches cleaned for the first time. Ya, I won't be showing you that. HA.

I am still healing, but doing much better. The part I tried to cut off has healed back just fine. The doctors originally thought it might not - yikes. The only benefit of it not healing and having that part removed would have been starting a life of crime. The ER doctor told me that it would grow back, but would have no thumbprint. That would have been cool. Kinda. Good thing it was fine and we don't have to go down that path, right? Right! Getting the stitches out today was definitely not painless, but I survived. I'm just glad it's over. Even better, I hope to be back on my normal blogging schedule shortly. I have TONS of recipes to catch you up on!

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