Thursday, March 8, 2012

Favorite Things

The following things bring me happiness tonight

  • A new cookbook arriving in the mail (love, LOVE, LOVE Pioneer Woman. She loves a cowboy and cooks for a cowboy. How can you not love that?!).

  • Cherry + Amaretto = LOVE. Can it get any better? One of my all time favorite flavor combinations. 

  • Tonight's Dinner - Crab Cakes from Whole Foods. So delicious. Even better when the guy behind the counter gives you an extra one for free (no comments here, mom!)! 

  • Wine from San Luis Obispo County. Ryan - why are you not here enjoying this with me?!

  • Gluten Free Corn Chia Tortillas. I'm trying to eat more chia seeds (hello omega 3 and fiber!) and this is perfect for my egg white and salsa breakfast tacos! Ps. Lauren - I will let you know how these are!

Too bad wine and ice cream isn't an acceptable dinner, because I totally would have had that tonight.

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