Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Haters Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog

How can anyone hate Williams Sonoma? I can never walk by that store and not go in. It's just, well, uhm, impossible.

I must admit though, this article, "The Haters Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog" is pretty darn funny. Yes, their stuff is expensive and yes, there stuff is usually pretty ridiculous, but there stuff is stuff you just want to have in your kitchen. That is if you had millions of dollars to spend on random kitchen items. Boy do I wish I could just buy everything in that store. I will just admit it right now - I have a major addiction to cooking and kitchen stores. It's bad. Although, that's probably not a surprise to anyone. Good thing I resist the urge to buy new toys when I walk into Williams Sonoma or stores of the like. Well most of the time that is.

For a good laugh, check out the article below. I think my favorite item is the Chef'n Panini Spatula. Hello, who needs a special panini spatula and knife - can't you just use a regular ol' knife and spatula?

Item #02-2719136 Chef'n Panini Spatula
The Hater's Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog 

Below is the description from the website:

Williams-Sonoma says: "Wide platform with a slot simplifies slicing then lifting even the largest sandwiches."
Price: $19.95

Notes from Drew: ZOMG THIS SANDWICH IS SO LARGE! I can't possibly lift it using only my hands or a common spatula. If only someone out there would invent a unique tool that would allow me to lift my panini and then transfer it to a plate. I'm not just gonna pick it up myself, like a DOG. There's hot gruyere in that sandwich! It could burn.

By the way, you should know that any kitchen utensil designed specifically for one kind of food or meal is essentially useless: a panini spatula, a fondue pot, a steak tartare fork. Unless you plan on eating raclette four days a week, you don't need any of that shit.

Isn't that hilarious? Well, I laughed. For other great laughs, check out:

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