Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Great Food Blogger 2012 Cookie Swap Cookies!

See, I told you I would tell you about all of the cookies I received this year. You didn't think I would, now did you? This year I received cookies from three fabulous food bloggers - Meagan from A Zesty Bite, Lisa from Snappy Gourmet and Suzanne from Koko Cooks!

The first cookies that arrived were chocolate M&M cookies from Meagan at A Zesty Bite. She just had a baby, so I am not sure how she even had time to bake these and send them out. Congrats on your new bundle of joy, Meagan! These cookies arrived with no damage and were fully intact. Apparently this is an issue with a lot of cookies that take part in this swap. Luckily, not mine. These M&M cookies were totally yummy, but they had a flavor I just couldn't pin down. A good flavor that is. Maybe it was the type of chocolate used (cocoa powder v. melted chocolate)? One of my coworkers even said sour cream since they tasted a bit tangy. I didn't detect that, but maybe my taste buds were off that day. Nevertheless, they were totally yummy and perfect for dunking in afternoon coffee! Thank you Meagan!

M&M's make everything better

The second batch of cookies arrived the same day as the first (lucky me!) and they were from Lisa at Snappy Gourmet. These cookies were dark chocolate hazelnut bars. They were rich, dense, slightly gooey (which I like!) and the perfect afternoon pick me up. The title and flavor reminded me of
Ferrero Rocher candies. Have you ever had those? They are a crunchy, chocolatey hazelnutty - is this even a word- truffle. Mmm, so delicious! She also threw in a few bonus peanut butter toffee cookies that were just as amazing. I don't know which ones I liked better. If I had to choose (which is super tough!), I think the peanut butter toffee ones have a slight advantage. There is just something about toffee! Don't forget to check out Lisa's site here! Thanks Lisa! 

bonus cookies to my cookie shipment? heck yes!

The third and last batch arrived about a week after the first two. I'm not gonna lie, I totally though the third batch was never going to come! I knew it would, but the first two boxes teased me by coming early and on the same day. This third batch of cookies were totally worth the wait though - raspberry pillows from Suzanne at Koko Cooks! Check out her website here. How can you say no to a cookie called a raspberry pillow? These were light, fluffy and filled with delicious raspberry filling. The cookie kind of reminded me a soft sugar cookie, but better. So yummy! Thank you Suzanne!

pillowy goodness
I don't know if I can even pick a favorite this year. All the cookies were so different and so delicious. I think my coworkers would say the same. Thank you Meagan, Lisa and Suzanne for taking the time to make and send such yummy treats. I can't wait to do this all again next year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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