Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

Was brave enough to sign up for this today!

What happens here is that you get the address of three other bloggers and send them each one dozen of the cookie you've decided to make. In return, you will also get three shipments (all one dozen each) from three other bloggers so you can test out their cookies. Once all the cookies have been received, you then blog about your recipe so that all can see how you made them (and even try making these themselves). How fun, right? I think it will be. I definitely don't need three dozen cookies around tempting me during the holiday season, so I sure hope that Ryan, my family and colleagues at work can help me eat them. 

Now comes the question - What type of cookie should I send out? I am thinking something fun and new. A cookie no one would expect. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but does anyone have any recommendations? Shipments go out on Friday, December 2nd!

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