Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chunky Cherry Ice Cream with Chocolate Ribbons

There is nothing like fresh homemade ice cream. Especially when it's straight out of the ice cream machine. When I bought my ice cream machine a few months ago, I really thought I would use it more often - more for sorbets and soy ice creams, but I just never got around to it. Or maybe it's that I forgot about it since the machine is hiding in one of my many cupboards. That could be it.

Not too long ago I had an abundance of cherries and was planning to make these awesome gluten-free cherry almond muffins, but thought, I always make muffins, let's try something new. I don't know why cherry ice cream didn't come to me in the first place ( I think it's the whole lactose intolerance thing), but I'm sure glad it did. I love cherries. Wait, no. I LOVE cherries. When they come in season, I go crazy buying them up at farmers markets. The best deal is when the market is about to close and all cherries are half off. That is the best and more cherries for me!

You might be thinking, you're going to need an awful lot of cherries to make cherry ice cream. Are you going to pit those by hand? No way! One of my friends Karen from high school (who has an awesome blog her self - check it out Goofy Can Cook) posted about this great new kitchen tool (and we all know how much I love new kitchen gadgets) and I knew I had to swoop it up fast. For $10 + shipping on amazon, it's a really great deal. If you love cherries like I do and want a fast and easy way to pit them for recipes, you've got to get this tool. Here is what it looks like...

Progressive International GPC-5000 Cherry-It Multiple Cherry Pitter

it pits four cherries at a time - either four large or four small.

Now, back to ice cream! This recipe is super quick and super easy. They recommended heating up the cream so the sugar could dissolve better, but I did not do this. If you do, make sure to chill your cream mixture for at least 4 hours before pouring it into your ice cream machine. You want that bad boy nice and cold for the best ice cream results. Even though this recipe uses cherries, you can use whatever fruit you like - strawberries, blackberries, raspberries. Use your imagination and go wild. After pouring the cherry mixture into the cream and sugar, I thought it needed more cherriness, so pitted more cherries and set them aside so I could fold them in the ice cream when it was done. And if that wasn't enough, I also though some chocolaty ribbons would be delicious flowing through this rich ice cream. Who doesn't love chocolate on their ice cream, right? 

ice cream ingredients!

pitter in action!

look at all those pits in just a matter of minutes!

blended cherries. yum!

all ingredients together - minus cherry chunks and chocolate

chocolate added about 3/4's the way through the freezing process!

don't think anyone liked the ice cream. haha!

Chunky Cherry Ice Cream with Chocolate Ribbons  (adapted from

1 1/2 cups half and half
1 cup whipping cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup pureed fresh cherries (or any kind of fruit)
1 cup fresh chopped cherries (reserved for end of recpie)
3 ounces dark or bittersweet chocolate
1 tsp canola oil

Combine half and half, whipping cream and sugar. Whisk in a large bowl until sugar is well combined. Add vanilla and pureed fruit. Pour into ice cream machine immediately or place in fridge covered, until ready to make.

When you're ready to make ice cream, put the freezer bowl into the ice cream maker, pour in the ice cream mixture, press the button and 30 - 40 minutes later you have outstanding, fresh ice cream! If you want to add the chocolate, melt the chocolate and oil in a small microwaveable container (or you can do this on the stove). Once melted and about 25 minutes into ice cream making, slowly drizzle the chocolate into the machine. This will create ribbons of chocolate throughout. Once the ice cream is done, place into a container and fold in the chopped cherries. You can eat this right away or place in the freezer for several hours until it is solid.

I have no complaints about this ice cream other then the fact I think my ice cream machine was too small for this recipe. About 3/4 way though the churning and freezing, the ice cream started to come up and out of the frozen base - that should not happen! Next time I try this, and I will, I will be making a half or three quarters recipe. I think that would work better. If you love ice cream, you've got to try making homemade ice cream. It's so creamy, delicious and best of all, no preservatives and it's fresh from your kitchen! And not to worry if you don't have an ice cream machine - you don't need one to make homemade ice cream according to David Lebovitz. Check it out here (making ice cream without an ice cream maker)  and get in that kitchen and start making ice cream!


  1. Yummmmm!!! Mail me some! :D I'm glad you liked the cherry pitter. I wish I had some cherries today and I'd put it to good use. I still need to get that ice cream machine. Although those peanut butter chocolate cupcakes may be calling my name today!

  2. Neat, toys that are tools ... I see some influence from a certain wrench guy.

  3. haha, a certain wrench guy who left all his tools at your house? I can't believe he forgot those! ps. see you guys in a week!